the story of Mighty marlow


The story opens with Riki Adams, a 28-year-old single Asian-American lawyer, who works in the District Attorney's office in Albuquerque, and is barking orders to the new intern, Penelope. Like a lot of us, Riki's has conflicting mood swings as she faces life with mixed passions and emotions. 

Riki is a juxtaposed individual.  She may be rude to most everyone she meets on the street, but she'll go out of her way to help the underprivileged and needy. 

In Volume One, Issue One, Riki walks into her bank, prepares to make a bank deposit but her keen observations alerts her to the fact that a robbery is about to take place. Riki goes to the ladies room where she transforms herself into a crime fighting superhero. But I don’t want to tell you everything.  So, we are left with the question:  will Marlow succeed in stopping the bank robbers?

The Characters




She is a ditzy first year intern but she’ll grow and become an asset to Marlow.




riki's Asian-American and works in the DA's office in Albuquerque, New Mexico. she is physically challenged, suffering from asthma and dietetic problems. Easily upset, she has a tough exterior and is all business.  But wait and see who she warms up to in Volume One, Issue 3! This new character will change her life. riki is the alter ego of the star, Mighty Marlow.



Mark Evens 

This pretty-boy works in the DA's office and is a computer wiz who helps guide Marlow when she dons her superhero outfit.



It doesn’t look like she’s very needed in the first issue, but watch what she does in future issues! 





Being the astute Police Chief that he is, he suspects Riki and Marlow as being one and the same. He's right, of course, but later, he will be convinced otherwise.



She is the star of the show. When Riki puts on her superhero outfit, she overcomes her physical limitations and gains super powers. While wearing her superhero outfit, she can deflect bullets with her wrist, ankle and head bracelets.  Several episodes later, Marlow's outfit will give her added strength which  will make her unstoppable!



the dog

He growls at Riki, but Riki is fierce right back at him.  Are dogs truly man’s (or woman’s) best friend?  I guess we’ll have to keep reading future issues to find out!  


Phil Marcu Author Pic.jpg


My name is Philip Marcu and I’m writing a superhero story about a flawed female that we all identify with, whether she’s you, your sister, friend or neighbor. This person is someone you would least suspect to be known as the superhero MIGHTY MARLOW. 

Marlow's alter ego, Riki Adams, an Asian/American, is an attorney who works in the DA's office in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

As the creator, a funny thing happens when you spend so much time working with these characters—you start caring for them, and even loving them. As flawed as my characters may be, my love for them is so great, I want to share them with you, my readers!

I'm hoping that you, and the world, too, will also love Mighty Marlow.